Latest Updates

SASAMSPatch 17.1.0

Errors and Omissions 3.3.8


SASAMS Support


Support of schools is one of our key responsibilities, we however, give priority to those who really in need of, the following issues are considered urgent when we prioritize;
– Networking problems and error.
– Database errors.
– Unable to access program or update it (running the patch).
– Give initial training on the program to newly appointed administrators.


Weekly Submissions



UPCOMING Submission

June submission

For Staff Establishment and Post Provisioning.

  • All learners should be captured.
  • All educators and teaching load updated.
  • Update all educators qualifications.
  • Ensure that all attendance is updated.

Weekly online submission of databases is compulsory for all Free State schools. The following information should be updated on regular basis and before each submission.

  • Learners attendance,
  • Educators and staff attendance,
  • Learner and parent details,
  • Educator and staff details,
  • Updating any withdrawals for all learners, educators and staff.
  • Learner marks for all subject be submitted the first Friday of each term (Only in term 2 – 4) for previous term.


Training Workshops

Training workshops are conducted every semester addressing the key issues on the program, which include the changes and new development in curriculum and other areas. Trainings may be conducted during the visit to school, training on one-on-one with administrator, principal, Emis Officer or teacher. Trainings for cluster and trainings per Municipalities are also arranged.

Taking Care of  Your Data















There is always a problem of losing data if enough backups are not in place. The cause may be due to the different problems encountered, which include;
– Vandalism and theft of computer hardware.
– Damaged computer due to technical or faulty operations.
– Negligence due to forgetfulness to keep copies of data.
– Obsolete technology used.

Here are some suggestions of keeping your data available in case of issues indicated above occur.

  • Linking your data to the cloud so that your data is synchronized automatically. There are free cloud solutions that give enough space for your files, ranging from 2GB to 20GB of free space.
  • Use of software that automatically copy and paste selected data from the system in the specified location, either in the computer or elsewhere (removable disks and devices)


The BONES Backup Solution

The automatic backup software that seamlessly backup data on specified interval on local machine and on Remote Servers

For detailed information:
Phone Pule:  +27 83 740 3706