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This is for quick support on only SASAMS matters, schools may download and install this tool if need assistance on the specific SASAMS issue, the tool may be installed in the computer that is running SASAMS and that you needed assistance.

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Ensure online weekly data submission

 SASAMS in Free State schools was started in March 2008 when group of 6 Trainers were employed to empower schools in the use of the SASAMS program. Before then statistics was manually compiled and submitted on paper. This impacted negatively in planning as information was not standardised, controlled and accurate; which also impact on planning for the right allocation of resources for both government and schools.

Since SASAMS was implemented there is a huge improvement in both management of information and quality of data which schools submit on weekly basis. Initially submission of data was done by submission of CD on monthly basis, challenges encountered include submitting empty cd, wrong files such as music files, documents etc.

During this time the information was handled by one administrator, who was doing almost everything from capturing learners information, finances, capturing marks and printing learner progress reports.

Things changed over time and everyone became involved in managing information, educators started capturing their marks in the system, Principal and School Management Team (SMT) for control  of information to be captured and data already captured; School principal is ensuring data is submitted.

Currently at least every school can submit data online without assistance. The use of internet connectivity plays a role. Thanks for those men and women who brought such a change in Education Management Information System.

We are looking forward bringing more improvement and ensuring that data is submitted to the department on daily basis by synchronizing data between the school and the department on daily basis. This process will ensure that the latest data is available.

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