SASAMS Support

Support for schools is one of our key responsibility, however priority is given to those who really need it, issues that are prioritised include when there is network error, database corrupt, unable to access or update any item in the program and newly appointed administrators.

Weekly Submission

Weekly online submission of databases is compulsory. The following information should be updated before submission.

  • Learners attendance,
  • Educators attendance,
  • Staff attendance,
  • Marks for each term.

Training Workshops

Semester One is scheduled for the series of training workshop on the following modules;

  • Finances
  • Capturing LTSM (books) in the system

Taking Care of  Your Data

There is always a problem of losing data if enough backups are not in place. The cause may be due to the different problems encountered, which include;

  • Vandalism and theft of computer hardware.
  • Damaged computer due to technical or faulty operations.
  • Negligence due to forgetfulness to keep copies of data.
  • Obsolete technology used.

Here are some suggestions of keeping your data available in case of issues indicated above occur.

  • Linking your data to the cloud so that your data is synchronized automatically. There are free cloud solutions that give enough space for your files, ranging from 2G to 20G of free space.
  • Use of software that automatically copy and paste selected data from the system in the specified location, either in the computer or elsewhere (removable disks and devices)

The Backup Solutions:

The Bones

The automatic backup software that seamlessly backup data on specified interval on local machine and on Remote Servers.

For detailed information:
Phone Pule:  +27 83 740 3706