Our Support

Our key responsibility is to ensure that we render support to schools in implementing SASAMS.  We also provide technical support on both computer hardware and software.

Data Submission

All data that has been captured is submitted online on weekly basis, this is to ensure that there is always updated and more accurate data available. In the long run this also ensures that statistics provided from the data will be correct.

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Our Trainings and Workshops

Trainings are conducted on regular basis, and everytime the school is visited. Workshops are also conducted to schools Principals, Educators and admin staff on various modules in the program. At least one workshop is conducted each term on relevant matter.

The World of Technology

Use of SASAMS in TMED Schools

 The use of SASAMS in Free State schools started in March 2008 when group of 6 Trainers were employed to empower schools in the use of the program. Before then Management of information was not possible as figures and statistics from information was not correct. This impacted negatively in planning and for allocation of resources for both government and schools.

Since SASAMS was implemented we have notice a vast different in the management of information and quality of data which schools submit on weekly basis. It started when submission was done by using CD, which in most of the time empty cd where submitted. This was once per month.

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The information was handled by one administrator, who was doing almost everything from capturing learners information to printing learner progress report.

Things changed over time and everyone became involved in managing information, educators do marks, School Management Team control data captured and School principal ensure that is submitted. Currently lot of improvement were made, at least every school can submit their data online without assistance. Thanks for those men and women who brought such a change in Education Management Information System.

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